Friday, January 11, 2008

Excuses, Excuses

I have a great excuse for not posting yesterday. I was going to post when I got home, but when I went to do it I realized that the cable was out (Which explains why the TV wasn't working).

# of times a pipe has broken under the kitchen sink -- 2
# of times the husband has been gone when a pipe broke under the sink -- 2

Last time a pipe broke was when we lived in Las Cruces, oh that was fun. Derek was in Mexico, of course, and his sister was visiting. We were hanging out when we heard this wooshing noise in the kitchen. Upon making our way to the kitchen we discover water pouring out of the cabinet below the sink. It wasn't just trickling out, it was like a waterfall pouring out. Called the landlady, she was out of town. Ran to all of the neighbor's houses and soon we had the entire neighborhood in our kitchen trying to catch the water. The knob to turn off the water wouldn't turn so we couldn't get the water to stop. After about two hours of water pouring out of the pipes, moving the refrigerator to sop up water with the towels from all my neighbors (plus newspaper), and throwing 50 buckets of water out the back door, someone finally shows up to turn off the water. That was a fun adventure.

So yesterday I decided to run the dishwasher. I go eat dinner in the living room, come back and walk right into a pool of water a half inch thick on the kitchen floor. I didn't want to turn off the dishwasher because it hadn't reached the rinse cycle and I wasn't sure what I would do with soapy dishes. So, I frantically ran around grabbing towels and trying to find a way to fix the pipes before the rinse cycle started and more water poured out. I eventually settled on holding up the pipes with plsatic cups because the pipe wouldn't tighten and stay put. Where was my husband this time, in Mexico no where close to being able to help me. Oh, and the animals decided it would be fun to walk through the pool of water and track water all over the house, aren't they sweet. I'm sure next time Derek goes to Mexico the pipes will decide to break again. This isn't the most artistic picture, but oh well. Notice the helpful animals and the pile of towels, fun fun.

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