Thursday, January 31, 2008

Textured Kitty

I added a metal texture that covered half of the picture and set it to overlay. I wanted the kitty to be more detailed than the background, so I didn't want a lot of texture over her. After placing the texture I applied a layer mask to the texture layer. With the layer mask highlighted in the layer box and using the gradient tool (it's an option under the paint bucket tool), i drew a line through the middle of the picture, horizontally, from left to right. This helped blend the layer into the background.

I did the same with a pottery texture, but this time I set it to hard light. Play around with the layer modes. I ended up choosing hard light because soft light didn't let the texture show through as much.

Finally I added a silk texture that I desaturated. This time I let it cover the entire image and set it to soft light. The finished product is a cute little miss.

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