Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sneaky Little Thing

We have a dog problem. She may look cute and innocent to you, but she is a sneaky little bugger. This dog is 3 years old and still occasionally poops and pees in the house. I know, gross, but it is a problem and we need help. The problem is that we can never catch her in the act, which makes disciplining her that much harder. There has been a house full of people that have missed her pooping in a corner or peeing on a bed. Yes, I said peeing on the bed. She is no longer allowed on my bed. So, how do we fix this when we can't catch her doing it? Everything I have read says you have to catch her in the act or she won't understand what you are talking about. If anyone has any ideas, please, please, please let me know before I do insane, thanks.


Neva said...

Maybe you won't like my comment but....I own 3 dogs, a 12 y/o. lab, 3 y/o english pointer, and 1 y/o lab ......I would crate her while you are gone. Or does she do it while you are home? then it is a bigger problem. Annoying isn't it?

Nessa said...

I agree with Neva. You have to start by confining her to a non-porus area, like gating her in the kitchen (I don't like crates, but I've blocked my dog in other ways.) This would give you more control in figuring out when she does it.

Mine only ever did it when he was ill and you can't get mad at them for that.

When does she do it? Is it when she nervous or anxious? I'm assuming you had her checked with the vet and she has no kidney infection or anything.

Kim said...

We have had her checked at the vet in the past, but not for these more recent events. The doctor said she might have a leaky bladder, but not a bladder infection. What about the poo, what medically would cause that? She only ever poops when we are not home, I think it is a behavioral thing. We may have to put her in a crate, thanks for the advise guys.

Old Wom Tigley said...

I called to check out your Sky Watch and noticed this... after a quick serch on the web I came up with a few reasons.. all seem to be covered in this article which can be found on the link below.

I hope this issue get resolved for you all soon

Neva said...

We sound like a bunch of grandmas don't we? I hope you get it all squared is frustrating. Maybe Ceaser -The dog whisperer- makes house calls to Wilmette! ( he is amazing...not that I could do what he does.) maybe it is behavioral...Wom Tigley (Tom) are a great information retrievialist!