Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Technique Tuesday: Contrast Layer

I had this picture of my friend and his wife on their wedding day. I really liked it, but it was too dark. When I lightenend it up a little using curves it still wasn't quit right, so I tried this Contrast Layer Technique. The only thing I did differently is I set both of the top layers to screen, then merged them and turned down the opacity a little.




Derek said...

i think it's too bright, but i'm a softy for soft photos...maybe a little more opaque on the original?
my 2 cents

Kim said...

Yeah, I think it is a problem with my laptop monitor, I can't seem to calibrate it. I will have to try it again on my other monitor.

Neva said...

hmmm, I like the original the best but then we all like different things don't we? Nice photo,regardless!