Monday, March 17, 2008

I'm Back

Sorry to everyone that I neglected while I was gone. I am working on responding to everyone today.

10 Things I Hate About Chicago:

1) It is so fricken cold in the winter, I can't take it.
2) Sometimes I just want to get away from people.
3) Traffic is horrible. My sister lives 15 miles away and it can take up to an hour to get to her house.
4) I love my friends here, but sometimes I want to express my views and have someone agree with me.
5) Did I mention that winter lasts 6 months?
6) My house costs $240,000 and is 1300 sq ft. My friend in Texas has at least twice as big of a house and it was $215,000. It is so expensive here.
7) I love riding horses and there isn't a decently priced stable close by.
8) You have to pay to park everywhere you go.
9) It is soooo cold.
10) It doesn't matter how much there is to do in the summer when you spend 6 months inside during the winter.

Ok, so I may be a little harsh on this city. It has a great social scene and a wonderful lake. I am really missing Houston, though, and I look forward to raising my family there. I can sit by the pool and watch my kids playing in March with DD and her kids.

I spent a day at Johnson Space Center. Here is the first of several pictures I took. This is the Saturn V rocket that launched the Apollo missions toward the moon. My dream is to be the first woman on the moon, look for me in the future.


Neva said...

I am a displaced "West Virginian"--where we have 4 distinct seasons. After 32 years here....I still don't care for the 6 month winter and then the 6 month summer heat. sigh....what are you going to do? this is where we choose to live and so be it....I try not to whine but it is really hard not to!!!I will look for you as the first woman on the moon....


I'll wait for to see you walking in the moon!!

Luiz (from Brazil)