Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Whatch out, he bites

In our haste to get over to the new house and get work done I forgot my camera. I had planned on showing pictures of our awesome painting skills (and by awesome I mean semi-horrible), but it looks like I will have to show you another time.

Today you get the best picture of me feeding stingrays. Thanks D for taking the pic. I had to filter out all of the pictures of me making funny faces and settled on the one that doesn't show my face at all. These things were awesome. They would slither up the side of the tank and climb halfway out to get a fish. The hardest part was finding its mouth. I had no idea that its mouth was halfway down its underside. One little guy hung out for quite a while letting me pet him. I have developed a new love for stingrays (although they are still behind my love for the walrus).

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Neva said...

You are braver than I am....not so sure I would like this!