Thursday, April 10, 2008

For the love of boxes

Funny Story. I had this blog planned out about my camera being sick. I thought my light meter was broken and was asking my smart camera friends for help. Well, when I went to post the EXIF data for the "sample" picture I was showing I found my mistake. So, the tip of the day is: If your images are turning out darker than expected check your exposure. Somehow mine got set to -2.7. I'm not sure how or when this happened, but I was about to go insane trying to figure out what was wrong. I'm glad it was my fault and not the camera's though.

On to the real blog. This is Midnight's favorite time of year. All of the boxes come out of hiding and she gets to play. Her favorite game is hide and seek, and for once she played it peacefully with Little Miss. No hissing at all, surprising.

It's your turn in the box.

I think you got a little shmuts on your face.

1 comment:

Derek said...

I didn't see them playing...that's good...and them trading places is funny/rare.