Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Two weeks ago ABC Wednesday was all about "M". I wanted to devout the post to Midnight, but I was busy and didn't post anything. So, today is all about my baby girl, Midnight.

Derek and I were sophomores in college when we started living together. Our first place was a little two bedroom apartment that we shared with a friend from high school (that's another story we will not talk about here). We got home late one night and heard this pitiful little cry. Being the girl that always came home with a rescued animal when I was a kid, I just couldn't go inside without investigating. I walked all around the parking lot calling, "Here kitty kitty, here kitty kitty." I got to the steps across from our apartment and sitting there was a cute little black and white cat. I slowly moved closer to it, gently talking to it, when it suddenly darted off. Realizing that it didn't want my help, I turned around to walk away. Sitting right behind me was a skinny fur ball of a cat. She gave me a little meow, as if to say thank god you found me, and walked right up to me.

Of course, Derek said I couldn't keep her and our roomate said she was a greasy flea ball. I fed her lunch meat over the next couple of days and made a little bed outside of our door. She slept there almost every night. The following weekend Derek's sister and parents came to visit and told him to let me keep her (They love me). I opened the door for her and she walked right in, making herself at home. We named her Midnight because we found her under the stars at night (it helps that she is black, although I probably still would have named her Midnight if she was white).

A couple weeks later we discovered Midnight was pregnant. The vet asked us if we wanted to end the pregnancy, he obviously didn't know me very well. We took her to Ohio with us for Christmas. When we were ready to leave Midnight was due to have her babies any day. We couldn't risk her having them on the airplane, or putting her through all of that stress, so she ended up staying at my mom's house. She had the kittens two days later. Derek's parents took one of the girls, Lucy. His grandma took a boy, Willy. My mom kept two, Big Foot and Black Sister (don't ask). A friend of the families took the last one.

Five months later I finally got to see Midnight again. To this day I don't think she has forgotten the day I rescued her. She sleeps on my pillow every night and loves me more than anyone else. She is my baby girl.

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