Thursday, April 24, 2008


Last weekend was the big Floor Laying 2008 Event. People from all over the world came to join in the celebration. Ok, maybe they just came from Ohio, and maybe they were the in-laws, but it was a big event. After spending the entire weekend struggling with laminate flooring we can proudly say the floors are down, in three and a half rooms. Unfortunately, we didn't finish, and we still have to lay floors in two bedrooms, half the master, and the hallway. Plus, we still have to cut the underlayment and put up the edges.

With all that left to do we have decided to continue on with the move this weekend. We figured we can live without the edges in the living room, and our bed will fit on the half of the master that is finished. We will just have to lay the rest of the floors another time.

During all of the craziness of the Floor Laying Event I snuck outside and found these pretty little flowers in my new flower bed. I am so excited to see what else pops up. (Anyone know what these are called?)

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Burgh Baby's Mom said...

They look like a type of hyacinth. Do they have the most wonderful scent of all time? If so, definitely hyacinth.