Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Remodel

Our new house is getting a makeover. It started with a fresh coat of paint. Then it was stripped naked (we pulled up the carpet). Last weekend we gave it some new underwear (moister barrier), and next weekend it will have brand new clothes in the form of wood laminate. We are super excited to finish this project so we can finally move in. Here are some pictures of the transformation.

The master bedroom started out with three different paint colors, two of them extremely dark colors (red and chocolate brown). For a small room it was way too dark.

Don't you just love the linoleum checkerboard tiles. The grungy carpet looked better than this stuff.

The great room wins for the most color used in one room. Let's see, we have metallic gold trim, bright yellow, red, brown, dark green, light green, and creamy yellow. I'm pretty sure that every single wall was painted a different color. Someone went a little overboard with picking an accent wall.

Underneath the carpet was parquet floors that were not in good shape.

The garbage bag underlay looks better than the carpet and the parquet. The laminate is going to make it look great.

My strange husband.

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Burgh Baby's Mom said...

That looks like SO MUCH work. Thanks for the reminder on why I don't want to move. Ugh.