Saturday, May 17, 2008

Gardening Tip

I think Sky Watch Friday was my 100th post. Happy 100 posts to me! :)

Today I spent the entire day working in my new garden. Digging up hostas all day leads me to a tip. Ready for it... There is such a thing as too many hostas. I know, it may be surprising, but it is true. My front yard currently looks like a hosta jungle, and it is not pretty. A couple hostas add a nice texture to a garden, but a garden made entirely out of hostas just doesn't work. Even a different type of hosta may have worked, but they are all exactly the same. Way to be original previous owners, and thanks for leaving me to dig up your hosta jungle. I guess the good part is that I can plant whatever I want to plant now.

(Sorry if I offended anyone, I'm sure your hosta jungle looks wonderful)

Now I have to run and chase the dog out of my newly planted garden.

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Ashley said...

We need pictures of the new garden!