Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hilarious Floors

I thought I would give you a sneak peak at our brand new floors. We spent two weekends laying these babies. They are so beautiful. If I was a polygamist I would marry them. Every time I look down at the floors they make me all warm inside. All that is left to do is cut the underlayment and put up the quarter round. Another weekend should finish them off.

This is the hallway that makes a great slip and slide (minus the water).

This is the guest room. It needs some art on the wall, but it is almost there. Do you see Leia sneaking up on Little Miss, crazy animals. I'm not sure how to hide the bed risers, but we need them for the extra storage, any ideas?

The hilarious part is watching the animals slip and slide all over them. We got Leia all round up the other day just so we could see her slide across the floor. Which lead to us sliding across the floor, and fun was had by all. The most fun is when one of them jumps off the bed, their feet slide out from under them, and they fall flat on their face. I know, I am a terrible parent, but it is hilarious.

A full before and after showcase will be posted when we are done with everything. For anyone who is interested, the floors are Swiftlock (kronotek) laminate in Acacia from Lowes.

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Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Heh. I have been known to play fetch with the Bulldog for no other reason than because she has never figured out how to time her stops on our wood floors. She rams into the wall every.single.time. It rawks.