Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Week from Hell

And I still have three more weeks to go.

It all started last Sunday.

Wake up early to go to the farmer's market, drive half an hour, and discover the farmer's market was on Saturday.

Decide you might as well get some work done. Go to school and discover that you forgot your laptop.

Wait around town for an hour because you are supposed to meet someone in the afternoon. Get a call from them that they are sick and can't meet.

Decide it is finally time to go home. Once you get home you get a call from the husband that he is back from his trip and wants you to pick him up.

Drive around Chicago for a couple hours looking for the Sonic that 5 people told your husband was there. Apparently you need to really, truly, believe in it and know the secret password for it to appear. (If anyone knows of a Sonic in Chicago please be honest and give exact directions to where it is). Settle on Thai food (so not Sonic).

Spend the day studying for an exam. Take the exam and struggle on one problem, only to find out later that he forgot to teach that part and is throwing that question out.

Spend the day preparing for lunar and meteorite samples. Sit through boring class.

Go to graduate student night out. Invitation specifically says that sandwiches and appetizers will be served. Get there as hungry as can be to find no food left. When food is finally brought out it tastes like it was soaked in lighter fluid, yummy.

Probably the best day all week: Lunar samples are here and we got to have dinner at Tiffin on Devon, definitely yummy. I learned more about ArcGIS this night than I have all quarter in class. Now I can finally get some work done around here (after I blog, of course).

Spent all week preparing to teach a class about meteorites, only to have it last 20 minutes. Either I talk really fast, or I don't really know very much about meteorites.

Go to a department picnic. The sun was shining all day long, but as soon as I step out the door the clouds come out and it becomes freezing cold, funny how that always happens. (The picnic was actually really nice, I can't complain. The food was amazing, and the friends are always nice.)

Work on summer funding proposal. Run around with head chopped off.

Head home to Ohio for the weekend, YEA!!!!!

Spend time with the family.

Eat too much food

Take cousin's senior pictures for her. I think I got some good ones, I'll post a couple later.


Go to the Blossom parade. Look down for one second and have a piece of candy thrown at your head. It still hurts too.

Go to the cottage in Sandusky, eat yummy Cracker Barrel, and watch Indiana Jones (Awesome). Have a headache at the end of it all.

Wake up with a headache. Attempt to get through the day. End up back in bed for a couple hours. Make husband go to the store to get you Excedrin Migraine. Lay in bed some more. Wake up without the pain but all jittery from the excessive amounts of caffeine in Excedrin.

Pretty much miss the entire day because of stupid headache, and then have to leave to go back to Chicago.

Finish proposal in the car, finish two essays at home, go to bed.

So, it wasn't that bad, but the thought of having three more weeks left, while every other school in the country is done with class, really makes me want to jump off a cliff.

Sorry about the lack of posts. The regularly scheduled program will resume when school is over. Until then you are stuck with randomness. Oh, and I forgot my camera cable today, so I will post pictures later.

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