Saturday, June 7, 2008

Computer Guts

This week my computer has disgraced me. It decided that it was going to take control and make its own decisions, it thinks it is smarter than me (although, since I just used the word "it" five times in one sentence it very well may be). So, suddenly, in the midst of a productive week, it decided I was being too productive and turned itself off. Completely black screen, no warning at all. Wasn't that nice?

To uncover the problem of the auto-destruct computer we (meaning my husband) had to take it completely apart. Leading to this gruesome scene. My adviser actually gasped when she saw this.

The culprit, the cooling fan. It wasn't doing its job so the hard drive decided the weather was too hot, and it couldn't work under those conditions, so it shut itself off. Nice.

So, to show it who's boss, who gets decide when it is quiting time, the computer needs to be punished. It's punishment: showing its guts for the world to see. Go ahead, don't be shy, take a look at my computer's guts.

In the meantime, my desktop is getting the love this week as I drag it to and from school until the new fan comes in. Unfortunately, Mr. Desktop isn't as light and portable as Mr. Laptop (don't tell him I said so, he is a little upset about is boxy figure).

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Marcos Santos said...

After assembly, over two computers, or one?