Monday, August 18, 2008

Crazy Magician

Crazy Magician, originally uploaded by nmsu_chica.

I recently learned about this photo stitching technique called diptych. It basically combines two or more photos to either tell a story or create art. You can find out more at this flickr group.

I did this one by creating a new (blank) image in photoshop that was the same height as these images and the same width as the three of them combined. For example: the height of these images was 6.667 inches, so the height of my new blank image will be 6.667 inches. The width of the images was 4.2, 10, and 4.2 respectively, so my new blank image will be 4.2+10+4.2 or 18.4 inches wide.

If your images don't start out with the same height (mine didn't) go to Image>Image Size to change the height so that all images are the same.

Now, you can use the move tool (in the tool box) to drag the images onto the new blank image. Each image will have its own layer, so you can move them around the way you want them.

Does that make any sense? Probably not.

You can also play around with orientation, put images on top of each other instead of side to side. Have fun and tell a story or create beautiful art with your images.


Burgh Baby said...

I've played around with that a little in the past, but I think you're much better at picking photos that tell a story!

Derek said...

Am I that crazy? :-) I forgot I could levitate a ball in mid air!

Pietro said...

It's interesting. One could create a strip (design or reality).
I haven't Photoshop yet, I think it offers many possibilities.

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Pretty cool technique. I will have to try that.

Dayna said...

Okay. Ace the qualifiers. Then move to Houston. You should come down here for GSA this October and score an internship for next summer. Just wear your Vegas skank outfit and you'll be in for sure.