Friday, September 12, 2008

Chicago Flugtag 2008: The Flying Els

So, my brother-in-law (the bald one) and his friends were accepted into the Redbull Flugtag in Chicago this year, and they got their chance at trying to fly a replica of the Chicago El off of a ramp and into Lake Michigan last weekend. Where was I, you ask. Well, you didn't ask, but I will tell you anways. I, along with my husband and sister-in-law, was sitting in our car, in traffic, trying to find a place to park. So, we missed the entire thing. Not just my brother-in-law, but ever single crazy person trying to fly. We finally made it to the Flying El hang out area just in time to see everyone leave. So, in case you missed it too, I proudly present my "dirty old man" brother-in-law and his crazy friends launching themselves off of a cliff in a homemade train.

I did get to see the entire event later on at the after party, in video format. I have to say, sorry brother-in-law, my favorite was the Mario Kart team. They were hilarious. Youtube it :)

For more skywatch head on over here.


Luiz Ramos said...

Hilarious. Good.

Tommy V said...

great post. I know they had fun. I did the Red Bull soapbox race in Seattle and it was a blast.

fishing guy said...

What a great vedio but they never saw a Sky wiith the nose dive, at least their name had flying in it.

Sarah said...


Klaus said...

Fun! And there even was a little sky somewhere! ;)
Cheers, Klaus

Denise said...

What a fun post. Excellent photos.

Luiz Santilli Jr said...

I saw you love flowers also!
Then,join to this idea: TODAY'S FLOWERS.

Have a nice days,