Saturday, November 15, 2008

Pay It Forward Contest

UPDATED: PLEASE READ ME. THERE ARE SOME CHANGES TO THE RULES THAT YOU MAY LIKE (especially you non blogger friends out there)

I entered a contest on Kelly's Blog, and I WON!!! She sent me these beautiful glass ornaments. I was going to hang them on my Christmas tree, but Kelly gave me the great idea to make them into a wind chime. I LOVE them. Thank you so much Kelly.

edit: So, all you have to do is leave me a comment. Just say Hi!! or tell me your favorite thing about the holiday if you want, or tell me how much you love me :) I will randomly pick one person to send a present to (I haven't decided what it is yet). After your present arrives in the mail create your own pay it forward contest on your blog (you can run it however you want on your blog as long as you send at least one person a present). Isn't this perfect for the holidays?

edit: As an added bonus. For all of my non blog friends you can play too. I will pick a random non blogger in addition to my blog friends to get a present in the mail!!! I know who you are, but just in case let me know that you don't have a blog when you leave a comment. Then you can pay it forward any way you see fit at your home or in your community.

Simple as that. So leave me a comment to be a winner of the first contest on this here blog.

Oh, and if you want the pretty little button I made for the contest just right click and copy it then paste it into your blog. Please do not copy any other images from this blog, thank you :)


KHC said...

I look the look of the ornaments. Have you heard them in the wind yet?

Anonymous said...

I think this what im supposed to do...leave you a comment and thats it! Well here is my comment I hope you pick me because i am your sister! :) What I love about the holidays is the christmas lights and snow men! :) Christmas is just fun! Buying presents and getting presents is an added joy too! Anyway I LOVE YOU! AND YOUR SO COOOOOOL! PICK ME!

Sarah said...

What a fun idea, Kim! My favorite thing about Christmas/holiday season is the excitement of giving someone a gift you've spent some time thinking through. That anticipation of their joy is way fun. AND I love hot chocolate, christmas lights, snow flakes, and fireplaces. :)

Kelly said...
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