Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Crazy Ohio Style

When I was little our family's Christmas tradition was to drive around and look at all of the Christmas lights as we listened to Christmas music on the radio. The one house that we never missed was this house, right by my grandma's house (some of you may recognize it). Every year they would add something new, and every year we would try to figure out what the new decoration was (I just noticed that the Santa Clause on the roof is missing this year). This house was the pride and joy of Bainbridge Township, the only house with lights covering everything. Until...

This house came around. Now, I will never loose my loyalty to house number 1. I love the vintage feel of the first house, the wooden cutouts, the carousel made of lights, the lack of blow up decorations. But, this next house, even with the blow ups, is starting to grow on me.

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Burgh Baby said...

I LOVE the first one! My favorite around here is a similar, sort of crazy, display. It's done by an 80-year old (or so) guy and doesn't make much sense, but I still LOVE it!