Monday, January 19, 2009

Frost Bling

I had to get up early the other day for some school related event. The sun was just rising. The skies were clear and the air was crisp (bitter). Jack frost had visited our window late in the night. He left art on our window that grabbed the early morning sun like diamonds. Light sparkled in the room, making the morning chill almost bearable.

Nikon D40; 18-55mm kit lens; 10x macro filter; Pioneer Woman's Seventies Action (slightly altered)


Sarah said...

I love frost. I was captivated the other night by the falling snow - I kept trying to watch individual snow flakes fall to earth. The snow always amazes me. Frost does the same :)

Anonymous said...

Looks pretty in pictures, but certainly nothing I would want to see in person! I think I'd rather enjoy my 75 degree weather. :)

Sarah-Ji said...

How beautiful! Ah, the wonder of H2O!