Monday, January 12, 2009

My Love (alternative title: If I Were Filthy Rich)

Way back in the day I took Russian in High School. I even got the amazing opportunity to go to St. Petersburg, Russia with my class (although I didn't appreciate it as much as I would now). What I remember most about my Russian language class was the story of the Faberge Egg. The first egg was commissioned by Tsar Alexander III for his wife as an Easter gift. Every year a new and unique egg was made, each with a surprise inside. Tsar Alexander''s son, Nicholas II continued the tradition for his wife.

The beauty and the romance of the eggs made me fall in love with them. I imagined myself as a Russian princess being given the gift of a Faberge Egg for Easter by a handsome prince (although I'm not sure they were actually called princes and princesses). The hubby offered to buy me one, haha, it's the thought that counts.

Apparently your not allowed to take pictures in the "Special Exhibit" section of the Cleveland Art Museum, nobody told me that. I got a couple of shots before a man dressed in official clothing told me I was going to have to die now, actually he just told me to stop taking pictures but that's not as dramatic. The egg pictured is the Pansy Egg, made in 1899.

Faberge also made some pretty remarkable diamond, pearl, gem and stone flower reproductions. The Lily of the Valley basket was made by Faberge in 1896 and is made of pearls, gold, diamond, and nephrite.

If you want to see the exhibit it is being shown with an amazing collection of Tiffany's and Lalique beauties at the Cleveland Museum of Art until January 18th. I highly recommend it.

These photos are not to be copied in any way, please, please please. The man in the official suit may come and take me away if you do, and you don't want that to happen now do you. Although they would have to find me first.

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Sarah said...

Beautiful! I always liked that story too - and they are so gorgeous!