Monday, February 23, 2009


If you are curious about the excess amount of animal photos on this here blog over the last couple of weeks please note the excess amount of snow and freezing cold weather. This body does not like cold and will not go outside to take pictures unless the body is already outside and boogers have not frozen to the inside of the nostrils. Plus, the husband is not a big fan of having his picture taken for more than 2 minutes. Therefore, dogs and cats you will get until the weather changes or the husband stops being a booger.

I am channeling spring with my blog. I thought I could handle winter a bit longer this year. I prepared myself. I was still feeling pretty ok about winter in the beginning of February, but then mother nature had to go and play games with my head. She thought it was a fabulous idea to have spring-like weather in the middle of February. Then she remembered it was February and brought on the cold and snow again. Now I want my spring back, and I want it now.

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Jennifer said...

I, for one, love the animal photos because they are usually of your cute dog... Or lately they have been.

Hope your husband chills on the booger-parade and let's you take a picture.