Thursday, March 12, 2009

10 Years Ago

10 years ago today the hubby and I hooked up on the band bus after a concert band contest (romantic, right?). We chose this day as our "First Anniversary" (known by others as the "Dating Anniversary", and by others as "Who cares, why would you still celebrate that anyways, your married, Anniversary".) because we didn't really have a real starting date. At first we had chosen April 1st because it was easy to remember, but then we realized that that day wasn't really important to use. We almost chose the first time we went on an actual "date" to see "Ants" at the movie theater, but we couldn't remember what day that actually was.

Instead we chose the day we first realized that we liked each other. I was dating someone else; he finally realized his best girl friend was pretty :) It was actually a long story leading up to this point. Do you want to hear it? It doesn't really matter because I am going to tell you anyways, but I'll give you the short version.

It all started junior year in high school. It was the first football game of the season and I had just noticed this tall, dark haired saxophone player. I told my clarinet friend, Lisa, that I thought he was kind of cute and that I might have a little crush on him. Of course, as soon as I get the idea in my head that I think someone is cute it is really hard for me not to have a crush on them.

This boy was in my grade, but I had never really noticed him before. We had gone to school together since Kindergarten, but he was never in the same class as me. He was also a short, skinny little guy that I just looked over. Now he had grown twice his size over night and suddenly he was kind of hot.

It must have been "meant to be" because that semester we had every class together. We sat at the same band lunch table, and eventually started walking to class together. We went from not even knowing who the other person was to becoming good friends. Now I just had to wait for him to fall in love with me. That shouldn't be too hard, right?

The problem was a petite blond drill team member that this boy was in love with, and I was just his friend. Eventually he started coming to me for advice on how to get this other girl to like him. He did everything he could, talked to her all the time, went out to Pizza Hut after the games with her, and hung out with her as much as possible. She was starting to like him too. I was in trouble.

Eventually I gave up on him. I started dating a guy I worked with at Kmart, we'll call him Alex (name changed to protect the innocent). Alex was sweet to me at first, but after a couple of months he stopped calling me to talk on the phone and generally seemed uninterested in me. I was getting really mad and turned my attention back to the saxophone boy. He had given up on drill team girl and started asking me to hang out with him. I told him I was dating someone else and that he missed his chance. He didn't give up, and kept trying to woo me back with talks of poetry and how he would be different than my boyfriend who never called me.

Then came the day on the band bus. We were headed back from a band contest when we sat together on the bus. We talked a long time and suddenly realized that we wanted to be together. I broke up with Alex and we started dating. 10 years later and we have been married for three and a half years and are looking forward to the rest of our lives together.

Ok, that was much longer than I had planned, sorry :)

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Sarah said...

How fun! It's weird to read this because I was THERE but not... you know what I mean? I think if this was junior year, I was on drill team. And I have no idea who the certain blond drill team member was. Weird.

Funny how we all drift in and out of each other's lives...