Monday, April 6, 2009

Day 2: Snokeling and Scuba Diving

When we got to Akumal it was getting close to dark. We rushed to put on our snorkel gear and get out into the water before dark. We made it, but didn't see too much.

Day 2 we found a turtle. Akumal is known as the land of the turtles. They are so cute I just want to give it a big hug. We didn't, though, don't worry :)

We had no idea that just past the turtle grass there was a giant reef system. If you ever make it to Akumal, don't stop at the grass, keep on going out. There are a ton of fish and coral just waiting to be watched. I heard a rumor that this reef system, which runs down the coast from Cancun, is the second largest in the world (second to the Great Barrier Reef).

In the afternoon we went on our one and only reef dive. Apparently, I float, which meant I had a really hard time sinking. It also meant that I need more weights next time. We saw a giant turtle and a sting ray. Of course, there were a ton of colorful fish and coral. This dive went down to about 45 feet.

Turtle in Akumal Bay

Reef Diving in Half Moon Bay: Akumal

Listen to the bubbles

*** Most of these images were taken by the hubby, some were taken by me. All of them were post processed by me. The camera used was this.


Burgh Baby said...

So. freakin. cool. I'm jealous!

Sarah said...

That turtle picture in the grass is amazing - what incredible camouflage! I miss snorkelling.