Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Road Trip: Day 2

I didn't disappear, I promise. We didn't have internet in Houston, so I couldn't update our trip. I don't want to give anything away, so I will stick to the details of Day 2. We started the day at The Peabody Hotel, in Memphis where the famous duck walk takes place. At 11am on the dot a man marches 5 ducks from the roof of the hotel, into an elevator, out into the main lobby into a fountain where they spend the day and are later marched back up to their rooftop home.

The ducks made it. You can see the duck leader in red herding them into the fountain. There were so many people gathered around to watch a bunch of ducks, Derek and I had to watch from the second floor balcony.

One male and four females make up the precession.

After The Peabody we headed to Graceland. My Dad loves Elvis so I had to let him know I was thinking about him. I tried to call him, but he didn't answer, so I needed some proof :) This is about all we saw of Graceland. For $28 a person we no longer had the need to see the actual house, maybe next time.

That sign says Mississippi.

Further proof that my feet where actually in Mississippi. Do you remember learning to spell Mississippi in first grade. I remember a bunch of the "challange" kids spelling it on the bus, and that is all I can think about when I write the word "Mississippi". Strange how/when memories creep back in.

Nothing much happened in Mississippi, so next is Louisiana, which I don't really know how to spell, haha. Notice the increasing amount of bug guts on the windshield, and the random people picking things up around the sign (I have no clue what they are doing).

The end of Day 2 found us driving across the longest bridge ever. We ended in New Orleans, where I left my camera at the hotel (on purpose).

These pictures are all processed for size and unsharp mask, otherwise they are straight out of the camera. Stay tuned for our adventures in New Orleans. We are almost to Houston (well, in picture form, in body form I have been back for a couple of days, haha).

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Jennifer said...

What wonderful pictures! I am glad you had fun.