Saturday, June 12, 2010

Old Soul

My baby is getting older.  She is only about 5 or 6 years old, although we really have no idea since she is a rescue.  That makes her about 35 or 42 in dog years, and yes I did use a calculator, don't judge.  When I look at this picture I don't just see a stubborn dog who refuses to look directly at the camera.  I see an old soul.  There is white around her face now that wasn't there when we got her.  The eyes look as if she has seen a lot in her years, as if there is sadness there.  It makes me wonder what a dog that sleeps on the couch all day has been through.  Do we not love her enough?  Does she not get enough plates to lick after dinner?  Are we not good parents?

There is a WNYC Radio Lab out there that talks about whether or not animals have feelings.  Can they love?  Do they feel happiness, sadness, appreciation?  Do they ever get jealous?  Can they plot, or take revenge?  With a cat that likes to pee on my things when she gets mad at me I have to say yes to the last one.  When I was a kid I remember my dad telling me that animals can't think.  Everything they do is instinct.  Growing up with animals I have to disagree.  I see the jealousy in my animals when I am petting the other one.  I feel the love from them when we cuddle on the couch.  I think there is a lot going on in those heads that we don't know about, what do you think?


Anonymous said...

Completely agree!

Burgh Baby said...

I'm pretty sure there is a whole lot of nothing going on in the Bulldog's head, but the Havanese? He's always looking for trouble. He spends his days making himself happy and is always in search of the next best thing to play with.

gaz said...

we have 2 cats and a dog.
saying they have feeling would mean saying they are self-aware. there are a handful of God's creatures which are self-aware, but that's not to the same as having a behaviour pattern.
i love my dog dearly, but i don't think i'd say he has 'feelings' for me, he just responds to my kindness with what we would call 'affection'.