Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I am loving the summer weather around here.  I have been having winter nightmares recently.  In them I wake up to about 3 feet of snow in May.  I freak out in my dream.  Then I wake up extremely relieved that there isn't any snow on the ground.  I think my subconscious is trying to tell me something.  Perhaps it is trying to tell me to move to Houston.  I'm going with the explanation.


Double D said...

LOL, I NEVER have had that nightmare since I moved down here. But I do have dreams of it being 99 degrees for 10 days in a row (which it is), but then I go cool off in the pool, so it is all ok ;-) Miss you KIM!

sam said...

love the photo. found you since we were both on the blogher sidebar today and both had posts with "summer" in the name.

enjoy the season!
sam wedelich