Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Wild Child

There's one in every family. That child that causes trouble. The instigator. Little Miss is "the one" in our family. She has several names around here, "chubs", "chubbie", "no", "stop that", "brat", "crazy". All of these very fitting for our insane cat.

You may remember that Little Miss was our foster cat. We were taking care of her while my sister and her husband were stationed in Hawaii (poor them). Well, the sister has been back on the mainland for over 6 months now. I may have stolen the cat, or just not given her back. She is ours now.

Don't let the sleeping cat below fool you. These moments are rare. Little Miss's favorite thing to do is knock things off of high places. She doesn't care what it is, and she usually doesn't intend on playing with it. The challenge of reaching something high above her head. The thrill of watching it fall to the floor. That's what she lives for. That, and terrorizing the older cat.

Bully. That should be her other name. I must yell, "stop that" a bajillion times a day as I watch Little Miss fly through the air and wrap her fuzzy arms around Midnight's neck (the older cat). Midnight is not impressed with Little Miss's ninja skills.

Even though she is a real pain in the butt a lot of the time, she has her moments where I know I could never give her back. She loves to lay on the hubby's chest before bed. Every morning, and every time we come home after a long day at school, Little Miss follows me around and cries until I pick her up. She just wants to be held and loved, and I will never deny her that.

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A New England Life said...

She really is beautiful. I can see mischief in those gorgeous eyes of hers though! LOL! At least she keeps things exciting.