Friday, August 12, 2011

6 Years

This past weekend the husband and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary. We have experienced so much in these past years, but at the same time it has flown by. I can't believe we have been together for twelve and a half years.

In these past six year we have moved to Chicago. We rented a house, then a duplex, then another house. We bought our first house together, and did a lot of work on it. We went on our first cruise. We experienced heartache and loss together. We navigated the path through graduate school. We moved to Texas, and bought our forever home. I couldn't imagine having these experiences with anyone but him.

I feel so extremely lucky to have found someone so early in life who is my best friend. Who finds their soul mate in high school and actually stays with them (besides you YankeeDrawl)? How lucky am I? I'm getting all teary eyed just writing this.

We are definitely not perfect, but I have never found being together hard. "Us" has always come easily. We fight, although we like to say we "discuss", but we always work things out. I know it is cliche, but never going to bed angry has definitely worked for us.

To celebrate 6 years together here are 6 great things about my husband.

1) He is funny. Sometimes I tell him he isn't funny so he doesn't get a big head, but he definitely makes me laugh a lot.

2) He is a big dork. So am I, so this makes us perfect for each other. I told him he could never leave me because he would never find any other hot chick that likes Sci-Fi, geology, and hates sports.

3)He is a great friend. He always calls his friends for their birthdays, or calls them because something reminded him of them. If one of his friends needed something he would be right there helping them out.

4)He accepts my quirkiness. Who else would make my doctors appointments for me because of my irrational fear of talking on the phone?

5)He is great with kids. My sister's son, Michael, loves him more than me.

6)He is the love of my life and my best friend.

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S.Wells said...

Beautiful, Kim. Congratulations, guys! Six years is definitely something to celebrate. Many blessings!