Thursday, February 9, 2012

Floating on the River (India: Day 6)

After our crazy and busy time in Mumbai, we reached my favorite part of the trip, a houseboat tour of the backwaters of Kerala. There is no better way to relax then putting your feet up on the side of a houseboat while you tour the canals crisscrossing the rice fields in southern India. I would highly recommend it to anyone traveling to India.

We took an early flight from Mumbai to Kochi
From Kochi we drove about 3 hours to the southern part of the Vembanadu Lake
Once the boat launched we enjoyed an enormous lunch of Keralian food
We stopped to buy beer and wine along the way
We reached the lake filled with other houseboats
Crab was bought at a lakeside market
We stopped along the river to view a Hindu temple, meet the locals, enjoy the sunset, and buy some henna
Dinner was had back on the boat where we ate the crabs we picked out earlier
Around 10pm we were sent to bed by our drivers, no talking after hours

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