Thursday, March 29, 2012

Old Man

The hubby turned 30! I'm allowed to call him an old man since I'm six months older. Although, if he called me an old woman he would need to bring a blanket and pillow with him to the back seat of that beautiful car he bought himself.

For the big third floor assent I threw him a surprise party when his parents where in town. It was a blast, the party not the planning. Never try to plan a surprise party at the home of a male while his father is in town. I could not get those two to leave the house, and then they came home almost 2 hours late. His father was in on it too. Note to self, do not employ the father-in-law to help with a surprise party.

In the end, it was fun, surprise was had, swimming was attempted, cake was eaten, all was well.

Isn't he handsome (black socks with sneakers and all)

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