Saturday, January 19, 2008


"I cracked the snake!, I mean safe".

One of Derek's lines from his performance tonight at Apple Holler. Snake wasn't actually the word he was supposed to say, but it turned out to be really funny and the other actors found ways to work it into the scene. Derek had his first performance as "Ace", the diamond stealing, safe cracking American Idol contestant that is fancied by the ladies. Tonight we went to a dinner theater in Wisconsin with Derek's parents and grandma. It was a great deal with wine, cheese, dinner, desert and a play/musical entitled "Homicidal Idol". Derek was chosen as one of the audience participents, which made the event so much more enjoyable for the rest of us. He actually did really well and was hilarious as Ace. It was a great time, and when I can figure out how to post a video I will show you his performance.

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