Friday, January 18, 2008

Winter Warmth

First, Happy Birthday to my little brother. His birthday was yesterday but I forgot to put it in yesterday's post. I love you, Nate.

Second, I am in love with my external flash. It is the best thing ever, and I have no idea what I did without it. At some point I will show you a comparison between the built in flash and the external flash, but the difference is amazing. If you are considering getting one I would highly recommend it. I have the Nikon SB600. I contemplated getting the SB400, but I am glad I didn't. The 400 doesn't have the swivel capabilities of the 600 and I use the swivel all the time. For example, if you want to do a vertical shot instead of a horizontal shot the 400 can only bounce the flash off the side, but you can swivel the 600 so that it will bounce the flash off the ceiling, or the side if you want.

I am stealing Jayna's weekly blog tradition and am posting pics of the dinner I made last night. I used my external flash for these pics, but I still did some photoshop work to enhance the colors. I am still trying to figure out the external flash, so these aren't as bright as I had hoped. This is a nice "warm you up because it is freakin freezing outside" recipe. It is chili over a bed of macaroni and cheese with a corn bread muffin. The corn bread is Jiffy and the Mac and Cheese is from a box. The Chili recipe I will add later because I forgot to bring it with me to work. I have to thank The Firehouse Grill in Evanston for the idea of putting chili on mac and cheese, they make the best.

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