Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A man and his dog

I have no idea how he could sleep with Leia sprawled out across him. I guess he was tired. Here is one for Heather. I think Leia and Little Miss are starting to like each other.

Answer to Monday's "What is it":
Please, please, please take a little guess as to what the object is, it will make me happy :) This weeks object was a pottery cup from India that my friend Swapan brought for me. I filled it with tea and noticed that when my desk moved it would make cool ripples in my cup. Thanks Emily for helping take the picture.

PS. so sad about Heath Ledger. He was on my list, you know "the list". I loved "A Knight's Tale" and "10 Things I Hate About You", plus most of the other movies he has done. very sad


Anonymous said...

I saw 'Wicked' in London, wasn't it fabulous? I loved it. Your little site is so cute. I love it. It makes me miss ya'll more though! Oh well, we'll be seeing Brad Paisley soon enough. I'm getting huge. Really huge. And Baby #2 has gotten stronger. He beats me up, so does his brother. Oh well. Anyhoo, miss ya Kim!

Kim said...

I miss you too, I am sooooooo excited to visit. Too bad I am going to miss the new baby, I will have to come back to see him. You need to start a blog so I can see pictures. Miss you.