Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Technique Tuesday: White Balance Correction

I took a few pictures this weekend that did not turn out very well due to the fact that my white balance wasn't set properly. One of them I really liked (Derek is actually smiling for once), so I thought I would learn how to correct the white balance of my pictures.

Here is the original:

Here is the corrected version:

1) Open up a new levels adjustment layer: layer>new adjustment layer>levels
2) When you click ok after you name your layer a box will pop up. In the box there will be three eye droppers. Pick the middle eye dropper (this is the gray eyedropper, the first one is for black and the last one is for white).
3) Now find a place on your photo that is gray (preferably 50% gray). I chose one of the lines on Derek's shirt. Click this spot.
4) This should adjust the white balance. If it doesn't look great then undo and try another spot that you think should be gray. If that doesn't work then check out this tutorial that has several other methods.

I also did my usual contrast and color corrections in lab color and I decided his teeth needed to be brushed so I dodged them a little.

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