Thursday, January 17, 2008

Texture Day

Last night was Wicked night, and God loves me. I was supposed to leave, by myself, at 6pm to go downtown for Wicked. At 5:30pm Derek's office mate said that he was offered a ticket but had turned it down. After calling a bunch of people that he knew we found an extra ticket at about 5:45 and picked it up at 6, just in time. So I ended up not going by myself and got to go with my hubbie. It was awesome, and I definitely want to see it again sitting closer.

Now for today's texture picture.



And this is how it was done:

I picked three textures and kept their color information (ie. didn't turn them into grayscale). Using the move tool (highlighted in the tools box), I moved them onto my picture. The textures may need to be resized to fit your picture, but in this case I didn't need to do any resizing. Two of them I set to soft light in the layers box and the other one I set to overlay. Play around with overlay, soft light, hard light, etc to see what you like best. Have fun!

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