Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Why you should live in a house for more than a year.

1) You will have the opportunity to actually unpack all of the boxes. (This one is embarrassing) That "Moving Sale" box was from 4 moves ago. It made it all the way from New Mexico.

2) The craft room won't just be a place in the basement you run down to to grab a pair of scissors and a marker. The craft table won't just be a catchall for things you don't know what to do with. (Yes, that is my craft table, and I wonder why I can't get anything done.)

3) The perennials you planted last summer will get the chance to grow instead of being dug up and transplanted.

4) The animals will understand what the word "home" means, and won't think you are just visiting. (This will be Midnights 8th home if you count my mom's house).

5) You will remember which drawer the spoons are in.

6) You won't have to patch another hole in the wall made by hanging giant mirrors.

7) The credit card company won't think that you are on the run. (This didn't actually happen, but I'm surprised they don't think we are running from the law.)

8) Your family will actually remember your address instead of asking every Christmas.

9) You will actually have people left that didn't help you move over the last three years. (Apparently the rule is that you are only allowed to ask for help to move once every 5 years, we broke that one already.)

10) You will finally have a place to call your own :)

We are dreading packing, so we haven't started yet. There is always something that comes up: we are too tired, we have to go to dollar burger, we have to go to the ballet. We are just too busy to tackle that pile of boxes. And for all of you who think we are disgusting for having a pile of boxes strewn in the basement, you try being forced to move every year and see where you keep your boxes. The end of April is coming way too fast.


Nessa said...

Very funny. And true. Looks like my house, which I've been in for two years and I still have boxes I have not unpacked.

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Yeah, um, we've lived in our current house six years now and STILL haven't unpacked everything. About a year ago we declared it pointless since we have started looking for a new house. So, yeah.