Friday, June 12, 2009

Chalk Art

This past weekend we went to the Chalk Art Festival in Lincoln Park with our good friends C and K. There were some pretty darn good sidewalk chalk artists. We saw them all before the rain started pouring down. Here are some of my favorites.

Love this one, it is definitely my favorite.

Dr. Suess, I love you!

3-D kitties

One of Derek's favorites.

This definitely made me want to buy some sidewalk chalk and make some art. The best I have ever done are a couple flowers and a house.


Jennifer said...

Oh wow, the 3D cats freaked me out! That is so awesome!

Brings me back to Dick Van Dyke's troubadour/chalk-artist/chimney sweep days.

The Laughing Idiot said...

I love these!

You have to have some serious chalk to take on these looks. I have to help my kids make flowers & butterflies and if you blow on the outline, most of the color flies away.