Friday, February 12, 2010

Glass Bottles

I finally got my pictures off of my camera. Now I have something to keep me busy when I should be getting work done.

I met some new friends over Christmas break when I took a road trip with my friend, Emily, to Idaho. They had a great house filled with cool finds. One of my favorites were the colorful glass bottles that caught the light in their windows. I would love a collection like this.

It reminds me of when I was a kid and my dad would hunt for old glass bottles in the woods behind our house. He would try to find really old bottles buried in the dirt. He would come home with some bottles that turned out to be very pretty once the dirt was cleaned off. Now my dad hunts for sea (lake) glass along the shores of Lake Erie. I'm not sure what he does with them, but if it were me I would put them in the window.


Burgh Baby said...

One of my uncles collects milk bottles. He has thousands. It's funny how something so ordinary (a bottle) can become so extraordinary when placed in a group and given good light.

Gorgeous photo!

Emily said...

I'm famous!

James said...

Hey! That is a GREAT picture of those bottles! We had a really great time while you two stayed with us. Come back someday!