Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Things Only Married People Say

My husband and I were having a "discussion" a couple weeks ago. I don't remember what we were arguing about. It obviously wasn't very important, but how many arguments really are.

I was in the kitchen and he was around the corner in the bedroom (what a great way to "discuss" things, right?). I was getting frustrated, he was getting frustrated. I said something like "No!" to some request he made.

His response: "Fine, then I'll just steal some of your hangers."

Who says that? Married people, that's who. The best way to get back at your spouse? Apparently it is stealing their hangers. Don't worry, though, I stole them back. See who's laughing now.

Some background: I never have enough hangers. One day all my clothes are hanging nicely in the closet. The next thing I know I am trying to hang up my laundry and there are 2 extra shirts without hangers. Obviously it is all my husbands fault. He steals them you know, and now I have proof right out of his mouth!

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