Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sneak Peak: Family Photos

I met this awesome family a couple of weeks ago. They have a super cute son who has all the energy in the world. That boy thought that running around was so much fun. If only I had that much energy. If only I could run that much, then I wouldn't have any problems with my weight. I had a lot of fun, and I'm pretty sure they did too.


Kristen B. said...

These are great pictures Kim. I'm sure the family was thrilled when they saw them! If you are ever in town and want a family to practice on (and we would gladly pay you whatever you charge) let me know. I am never in any family photos, so every once in a while I like to have another photographer come in to get all four of us together.

On another note, you look just fine- I'm not even sure what you are talking about with your weight! In all the photographs I see of you, you look wonderful. I will say, after having two kids it is actually easier for me to stay thin because (a) eating is now a luxury (b) anything I make for myself to eat, Mel steals from me (c) I am constantly running around, moving, chasing....basically never sitting down. My life is a treadmill.

Kim said...

Thank you Kristin. I would love to take pictures of your family. Maybe we could do lunch sometime, talk it over, and trade photography stories and advice. I know there is a lot I could learn from you.

Kristen B. said...

It's a plan!