Tuesday, January 4, 2011


This month the One Word on Shutter Sisters is a choose your own word. My word for the month is "view". There are so may ways to interpret that word, and many of them are very meaningful to my life this year.

We will have a new view out our window when we move to Houston in April. I am so excited about this new adventure, I can't express in words my feelings about this change in our lives. It will open up so many new possibilities for our little two person family. I have so many plans for the future.

I want to start this new year with a new view on life. The move will help refocus my life in so many ways, but there is a lot I need to work on from the inside. I need to let go of some things, and accept a new reality. I need to trust more in God. I am definitely not there yet, but I know it will happen with a little work.

To help with my visual "view" I got some new camera related presents for Christmas. The husband bought me a wireless remote for my camera. I used the remote on my old camera all the time, but I never got one for the new camera. Now that I have it, I don't know how I lived without it. The pictures below would have been very difficult without a remote.

I was also able to widen the view of my 50mm lens with a wide angle and macro lens adapter I got from my sister. I am in love with the wide angle adapter (which I used in all of the pictures below), but am having a little trouble with the macro adapter. User error is most likely to blame for that malfunction.

What views are you looking forward to this year?

All images are from Chagrin Falls, OH.

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Burgh Baby said...

I have a similar macro attachment and it does not work with my f1/4 50 mm lens. At all. It's fine with my kit lens and my 75-300 mm, but that 50 mm results in far too much blur. Half of me thinks I need to better adjust the aperture, but the other part of me thinks they just aren't meant to work together. You having trouble definitely tips me a bit towards "not meant to be." o_O

LOVE the photos!