Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fountain of Youth

I have found the fountain of youth! Although, it is not actually a fountain, it's our new house. And, it probably won't keep you young forever, just while you visit. Plus, I'm not actually sure it works on humans, just dogs. You want proof you say?

When we first got Leia she never got tired. She could run circles around all of the other dogs at the dog park for hours, after an hour run/walk to the park. As she got older she slowed down considerably. Before the fountain of youth (our new house) she would run around the house with the hubby once before she got tired, stopped for a drink of water, and then went to bed. She could always be found in her bed, on our bed (usually our bed), or on the couch.  Now...

Last week she raced me back and forth up the driveway, then I got tired. Yesterday I called her into the house after she had been outside for almost an hour in the dark. She didn't come when I called. I got worried and walked around the house to find her. As soon as she saw me she charged passed me and ran all the way around the house, through the house, upstairs and jumped excitedly onto the bed. She would have kept going, but I made her go to bed (it was a long rapture day).

I don't think it has anything to do with the 3 acres she has here compared to the 0.17 acres she had at the old place. This house is definitely the fountain of youth. If you want to regain your youth I am charging $1,000 for a one night stay, free if I like you. Now that is a deal!

**All claims of youthfulness have not been fully tested. Stay at your own risk. If youthfulness does not occur we claim no responsibility. No money back, no guarantees. Offer not valid to those we don't know.**

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