Thursday, October 13, 2011


One of the features that was on my house "must have" list was room for horses. This was actually a fairly easy thing to find since horses are a big deal in Texas. It seems like every lot that has room for horses has horses. They are everywhere. So, all of the houses we looked at with acreage had a pasture with a barn. Yes!! Of course we ended up buying one of those houses, and were left with a pasture, no horses and grass that needed to be mowed.

I figured it would be a few years until I would find a horse I wanted to adopt, and possibly a few more years until the husband actually let me. The husband, I fear, is possibly a little afraid of horses. Something about them being big, with big feat, and uncontrollable.

We entertained the idea of renting out our back pasture. The conversation usually arose when it was time for the husband to mow the grass back there, and usually just in passing. We have absolutely no idea how to go about renting out land. It's not like we could just put up a sign on the fence that says, "For Rent". No one would see it but our neighbors.

Which brings me to our neighbors. I was sitting outside one morning eating some breakfast when our neighbors rode their bikes by the house. I waved, they waved back. Then they turned around and came up to the fence. I thought, cool, they must want to meet me. Which they did, but they also wanted to know if they could rent our pasture. Yes! No sign needed.

It turns out their horses ate all of the grass in their pasture. Due to the drought the grass isn't growing back. The husband hasn't mowed our pasture for a couple of months, so there is plenty of grass at our house. Which means, free horses for me!

Meet Sunny and Star, both black Percherons. I have to say, they look amazing in the pasture. I may have to kidnap them. Although, it would be really hard to hide them. I wonder if they will fit in my bedroom?




Burgh Baby said...

That's one hell of a win-win situation!

S.Wells said...

How awesome! Can we come visit the horses? :)